The Personal Values Investor

Our clients have specific needs and we have specific solutions that are customized for them. At Axis Advisors, LLC our approach to managing wealth management needs is based on the premise that each client relationship is unique. By taking a team approach we are able to analyze the client’s needs and circumstances across the financial spectrum offering our clients experience, discipline and trust.

Doing well by doing good

We believe in doing well by doing good and have built a reputation for taking an approach to investing and managing assets that is aligned with our clients’ best interests. By offering Sustainable and Responsible Investing options, we are able to align your values and beliefs while maintaining our principal responsibility in achieving strong long-term returns. We create plans specific to you – your goals, your risk tolerance, your values and your present and future life plans.

 Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing philosophy and discipline that seek positive long-term performance while investing in companies that consider their environmental, social and governance principals and seek to have a positive impact on society and their stakeholders.

 Environmental Sustainability

  • Processes and policies that reduce negative impacts of operations on the environment Lessen climate related risks and reduce carbon emissions
  • Sustainability innovation and efficient use of resources in operations

 Social Impacts

  • Respectful of consumer product safety and committed to ensuring security of sensitive consumer data
  • Commitment to employee developments, labor relations and racial and gender diversity in the workplace
  • Respect for human rights and decent working conditions and labor standards throughout the supply chain


  • Responsible capital management in best interest of shareholders and debtholders
  • Inclusion of environmental, social risks and impacts in material financial disclosures
  • Commitment to transparency and high ethical standards in all operations, including customers, regulators and stakeholders

As a firm, we pledge 1% of gross revenues to sponsor grassroots non-profit organizations committed to efforts for a more sustainable, responsible and impactful society.