Market Commentary: Q4 2018

The year 2018 was a rocky one for financial markets, serving up a big burst of volatility early in the year, and then following on with new all-time highs in major market indices, only to finish up with another round of gut-wrenching plunges that pushed those same indices right back down.

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Financial Missteps

Personal finance, like just about everything else, is mainly common sense. Advice like “don’t spend more than you make; start investing while you’re young; don’t loan money to friends with the expectation of getting it back,” have been around for generations, and most likely will survive the next few generations as well. Even money mistakes that are corrected early enough will have little impact on your wealth going forward.  What you do want to avoid are money mistakes that can be hard to recover from. Here are just a few:

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What is Credit and Why is it so Important?

Who hasn't heard some or all of the following?

Be sure to check your credit score periodically.

Apply for a credit card so you can establish credit.

Your credit score dropped.

Your credit score rose.

What exactly does any of this mean and what is considered a good credit score?

According to, here are the categories that credit scores fall into, ranging from bad to excellent:

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Top 5 Things 20-Somethings Need to Do

If you’re in your 20s, rejoice! You’re in a great position to create the life you want, starting with a secure financial future. While it’s common to feel overwhelmed when entering the workforce full time, there are a lot of things you can do fresh out of college that will help you attain your professional and financial goals earlier than you may expect. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

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Market Commentary: Q3 2018

The third quarter of 2018 saw financial markets respond with bouts of volatility to concerns over trade protectionism and global growth, and guidance from the Federal Open Market Committee that they are on track to raise rates again before year end.

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Market Commentary: Q2 2018

During the second quarter of 2018, financial markets were focused on the vagaries of daily tariff tit-for-tat pronouncements (and tweets) from Washington, leading to concerns of a potential trade war with China, Canada, and the EU.   While speculation on the implications of the additional rate hikes from the Federal Reserve impacted fixed income markets.

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5 Ways to Make Your Budget Go Further

For most people, every paycheck is like a mini Christmas that ends nearly immediately when reality sets in. Bills, rent and saving for retirement makes every payday a budgeting reality. So in these times, it’s important to take some relatively easy steps to stretch your budget.

Start with your credit cards. Often people overlook where their money is going when it’s as easy as a tap, not to mention interest and fees:

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Market Commentary: Q3 2017

Given the backdrop of this quarter’s market review, we would like to open by acknowledging and paying our respects to the people, families, states, and countries affected by the numerous natural disasters that occurred during the third quarter of 2017. Symmetry’s unwavering dedication to our clients is echoed in our support for those affected by these events. Through collective empathy, charity, and unity, we know the people and areas affected will make a strong and swift recovery.

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