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Comprehensive is more than just a word. It defines the holistic approach that we take in our business. This approach evolves into a multi-phase process that requires thoughtful analysis of all aspects of our clients lives; not just a few. We know that all of our clients are unique. And by being unique they need and deserve a customized wealth plan. Our process and final plan will consider everything that is important to you and your family.

As an independent fee-only financial advisory firm, Axis Advisors, LLC is able to offer what is in our clients best interests and in line with what their financial and wealth management plan calls for. We do not have or sell any proprietary products and our fee structure is transparent to our clients. We are committed to our clients because we understand that without them, Axis Advisors, LLC can not exist.

If most people could pick only one thing to accomplish with their finances, it would likely be to make sure they could set up a plan to provide financial security for their family. Making sure children or grandchildren had enough to afford a good education or us having set aside enough in retirement to avoid being a burden on our family, we’re here to help. At Axis, our clients have partners who work with them to identify goals and implement a plan to realize their dreams and give them peace of mind. By implementing a disciplined investment approach based on institutional and academic research, we remove emotion from the investment process. While each of our clients is unique and deserves individualized solutions, we follow a comprehensive process by taking a team approach.

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Who We Are

Axis Advisors, LLC was founded on the basis that there is a better way to serve clients’ financial needs with an objective, unbiased approach to managing wealth. Our financial advisors are fiduciaries acting only in our clients’ best interests while providing financial, wealth management and life planning advice. We do not have or sell any proprietary products and our fee structure is transparent to our clients. We are committed to our clients because we know that without them, Axis Advisors, LLC cannot exist.

Our Team

Daniel  Da Ponte

Daniel Da Ponte, AIF®

Managing Principal | Financial Advisor

Jane McAuliffe

Jane McAuliffe, CDFA®

Partner | Financial Advisor

Michael Leonardo

Michael Leonardo, CFS®

Partner | Financial Advisor

Joshua Pacheco

Joshua Pacheco

Financial Advisor

James Pinheiro

James Pinheiro

Financial Advisor

Sabrina Brum

Sabrina Brum

Client Services Associate

Deborah Ramos

Deborah Ramos

Administrative Assistant

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We manage assets for individuals and families, providing investment management, and financial planning services.

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